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We find the most interesting Military Helmets. Here are the best deals we found for WW2 GERMAN LUFTWAFFE M35 EF62 NORMANDY SPRAY CAMO HELMET NAMED “SACH” for sale on the Internet.

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WW2 GERMAN M35 EF62 NORMANDY SPRAYED ON CAMO HELMET DESCRIPTION This is a Luftwaffe M35 camouflage painted helmet with the often seen basic spray pattern. The base paint layer is a dark yellow tanned color with blotches of green and reddish brown. I know this to be a LW because the inside paint is clearly a blue gray and not pea green so this was definitely issued as a Luftwaffe. The helmet is smooth to the touch and so was never returned to the factory to be have a new darker blue textured finish applied. So this would have been over painted with the smooth semi-gloss enamel base you see with your standard M35 LW. Interestingly enough the original owner bothered to carve his name at a rear skirt by what appears to have been a pocket knife or dagger and reads "SACK". Being that is an EF62 the man must not have been all that large in stature. The good news is that all three rivets appear to be bent only once and the paint on the heads matches both the camo paint and blue gray enamel of the original M35. Unfortunately the back retaining rivets are all missing and since the liner is a late war pig skin and not a square bale aluminum liner we must conclude that this helmet would have been factory re-issued at one time getting a fresh new liner later in the war for some reason thereby leaving the inside in near mint condition. The liner is 100% original and appears to be late war pigskin which generally held up better over time than the cow hide or goat skin versions much like an old football will generally stand the test of time. You can usually tell it's pig skin because the dimples/pores are hatch like almost resembling tiny "X" shapes. If you are like me you love fully in tact and mint condition liners and this one definitely fits the bill. I took additional photos of the liner because the condition is so excellent it even smells nice and musty too. I usually like to see spider veining or cracking with my Normandy helmets but generally only about 1/2 show that characteristic however this one doesn't so I am always a little weary of these when they come to me. Without a mass spectrometer and laser beam vaporizing some of the outside paint so that I can analyze which elemental gases are produced I have no real way of knowing post war paint from prewar paint so I am selling this "as is" with no returns so please review all of the photos provided and make your own determination. I just go by gut feel and experience and this one definitely looks and feels right to me. PLEASE SEE ALL ADDITIONAL 20 PHOTOS LOCATED BELOW SELLER'S CAVEAT - (Please read below) (If you are a member of an online helmet discussion forum please refrain from bidding on this auction as I have recently found that these chat rooms are full of extremely pessimistic people who almost always have the opinion that any camo being sold on eBay is not the real deal. These members are all anonymous and so you never even know who is giving their opinion whether or not it is a 16 yr old boy in his parent's basement pretending to be an expert or a seasoned professional. These forums are also chalked full of online helmet dealers who themselves have websites whereby they make their living selling at high retail prices and so anyone selling on eBay at a much lower price is a real and direct threat to their businesses. These dealers are greedy and want to control the German helmet market by creating a climate of fear by always insisting that every camo helmet being sold on eBay must be a fake or post war reproduction and that real original helmets can only be found on one of their websites. This is of course complete nonsense as their are variety of ways to find original German helmets as I myself am able to do on a monthly basis such as through online estate sales, euro based eBay sites, online searches of newspaper ads, local gun shows etc. Picking helmets and other German collectibles is just a hobby of mine and has nothing to do with my main business which is in home renovations. If I find a helmet for $300 and sell it here on eBay for $450 that is a great profit margin in my eyes and I'm happy with that even if the helmet is worth more and a dealer would have held out for nothing less than $750. I've been selling on eBay under multiple usernames since 1999 and feel I have a good understanding of this market place which is based on buyers expecting big savings and great deals otherwise they would just buy their items in a physical store. This is why I only ever care about what I paid for a helmet and not what some dealer would ask.) eBay Policy As per eBay policy this helmet contains no offensive symbols of any kind. Also all sides of the helmet are clearly shown and there has been no attempt made to cover up or photo edit any part of this auction. DELIVERY Shipping to USA: $15 with full tracking numbers. International Shipping: $45 full with tracking numbers.

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